Aromatherapy-Vase essential oil diffuser 7 colors in 3D


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Aromathérapie-Vase diffuseur d'huiles essentielles 7 couleurs en 3D - Express Pickup

Aromatherapy-Vase essential oil diffuser 7 colors in 3D

€98,85 €67,99

Aromatherapy-Vase essential oil diffuser 7 colors in 3D

€98,85 €67,99

Aromatherapy to recondition your body and mind

A solution to relieve stress, body discomfort, recurring colds .

It has never been easier to take care of your health!
Boost your energy, improve your sleep and your general well-being with the oil diffuser.

As a combination oil diffuser and humidifier in one, it represents a NATURAL , SAFE and EFFECTIVE alternative to air fresheners, especially if you want to actively improve your own health.

Sleep comfortably and peacefully all night

The diffused essential oil has relaxing properties which guarantee restful and peaceful sleep. The mist produces a long-lasting effect that induces sleep throughout the night.

An uplifting force

The diffuser creates a calming effect and creates a positive atmosphere in your home to lift your spirits! Particularly helpful if you are feeling exhausted or depressed.

Additionally, using essential oils through a diffuser is an effective way to improve memory and cognitive function, leading to better focus and higher productivity.

Enjoy it with your family too!

Enjoy a scented, aromatherapeutic and humidified air environment to relax, read, watch a movie, chat with friends or help the children with their homework.

Ideal for different locations

You can relax in the living room, in the bedroom or office, or in your Spa or Yoga room.

The device is also suitable for the baby or children's room. You have leisure with the cool and fragrant mist , and the humidifier will help freshen the air and moisturize your skin.

It is suitable for home, fitness rooms, hotel.

Strengthens the immune system

Using certain essential oils can help stimulate the production of white blood cells, which strengthens your immune system. When released into the air, these oils also kill airborne bacteria and viruses, refreshing a moldy hospital room.

Choose your oil!

It is very important to choose the essential oil that meets your specific needs.

The cool fragrant and aromatherapeutic mist output from air humidifier establishes a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. Here is an example of an oil brand that you can also find on our store. Click on the following link to discover our selection for you! 5&_sid=01875be89&_ss=r

3D glass vase - Great for decoration

The vase is of superb quality , great in decolation . It is equipped with LEDs with 7 changing colors that brighten up your day and night.

Nice gift

This diffuser is definitely your nice gift for children and friends, of any age!

Three functions in one

This unit is aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, humidifier, night lamp.

It makes your environment aromatic and humidifies the air. With 7 color gradient LED lights, you can keep cycle or fix it to a single color, the light can also be turned off and only for humidification.

ULTRA-QUIET: Adopting ultrasonic technology allows our machine to be extremely quiet during work and generate steam without any heat to better protect the quality of essential oil.

SAFETY DESIGN:The aromatherapy essential oil diffuser will automatically turn off when there is little water.

Distinctive elements

1. New appearance, 3D glass fireworks design
2. Timing design, continuous misting

3. Silent humidification, sleep care
4. Colorful night light design, home decoration


Power (W): 12
Voltage (V): 240 V
Capacity: <1L
Installation: table/portable
Protection against lack of water: yes
Function: Aromatherapy
Certification: CE
Humidifying capacity: 30ml/h
Application: 21-30㎡
Timing function: yes

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Customer Reviews

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Kiel O'Kon

Lovely. Highly recommend. So well packed it took a few minutes to open. Unfortunately I have been unable to upload photos but looks just the same as the description.

Korey Bogisich

Pretty nice, it's all whole and it works, I hope my grandson likes it.

Cheyanne Wilkinson

Vase diffuseur d'huiles essentielles, arômes et aromathérapie